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One, two f(x) is coming for you

Three, four better lock you door

Five, six grab your crucifix

Seven, eight gonna stay up late

Nine, ten never sleep again -

Her name is Sulli.

Snowy is for "Sul" and pear flower is for "li". So she'll probably be reborn as a flower who is small but full of strong vitality.


Nameless, affections, f(ans), to anyone who loves f(x)

(via sulliyaa)

What White people need to understand about ANACONDA →


I’ve been seeing a lot of “Why do Iggy and Miley get heat for culturally appropriating from black people but when Nicki does it it’s okay”

The main thing here is that Nicki is NOT culturally appropriating. This is her culture, her identity as a curvy black woman not something she can jump in and…


So, people are mad about Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda video. 

Why can’t a young black woman just have some fun and shake her ass nowadays, but you let Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, and Miley Cyrus get away with coonery on the daily. 

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The Vivid Red Light † † †